The Parent and Child Reunion

It is based on the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

You simply enter the date, time and place of birth, and your email address. If a parent and a child have both entered the same birth information, they will get each other’s email addresses. Under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) we aren’t allowed to seek email addresses of anybody under 13. We have the perfect way to enforce this, because lying about your age would involve lying about your date of birth, and then even if your parent is looking for you, there won’t be a match with what your parent enters, so there is no point in doing that.

Beware that there could be two babies born at the same minute at the same hospital, since there are only 1440 minutes in a day and a few babies are born in a typical hospital each day. The odds of two babies being recorded at the same time increases between :58 and :02 when there is a strong tendency toward rounding the time to the top of the hour. Compare the sex, birth weight and name of the attending physician, since a physician is not at two births at the same time. To reduce the chance of being tricked, ask the other person for part and disclose part of this information. Use the local time shown on the birth record, regardless of where you live now. Example: The father is present at the time of the birth and knows that the birth happened at 21:26, but the record shows 21:28, so use 21:28 so everybody is on the same page. Use 24-hour time even if the birth record uses 12-hour (a.m. and p.m.) time.

You will need to know the exact time of birth, as shown on the birth record. A mis-match of one minute is a mis-match. If vital records wants money for it, a mother can get the information from her medical record at the hospital, or from a newspaper clipping about the birth. Newspapers are kept on microfilm at local libraries and are available through inter-library loan in many cases. A genealogist in that town will be happy to look it up for you. An adoptee cannot know which birth notice is that baby, and so must view a birth certificate.

In the State of New Hampshire, U.S.A. a child as young as 12 can get a non-driver ID. The minimum age varies. Find out the minimum age where you live, and go get such an ID while you have your birth certificate out.
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Child beware: A person claiming to be your parent is still a stranger. You may have been placed for adoption because your parents were violently abusive to you. However, CPS baby-snatchers are notorious for taking kids from good homes; and even if one parent was cruel, the other parent has done nothing wrong and still loses parental rights. If you were born in Fort Worth, Texas there is a good chance your mother was a guest at Aunt Edna’s Baby Farm, pressured psychologically into giving you up, tricked into believing she would be an unfit mother. In some places a man loses rights and his child is placed for adoption, irrevocably, before he even knows he’s a dad. The flip side of that is the rape victim who places her daughter for adoption, and you are that daughter, contacted by the rapist.